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Comfy, Cozy & Cool slippers

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New 2012 winter apparel collection

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About us

We are proud to present you with the very finest in leather garments and accessories. As a family owned store, we offer our customers a personal touch larger companies can only pretend to have. With over twenty years in business, we share with you our keen eye for quality and style. In addition, our long time relationships with the finest crafts people in the leather trade allow us to offer you many rare and beautiful treasures you simply will not find elsewhere.

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Lieblang Pro-Clean

Lieblang Leather offers you one stop shopping for all your dry cleaning needs. The dry cleaning store is conveniently located adjacent to the Lieblang Leather shop.

Excellent Accessories

Searching for unique leather accessories? Discover cozy leather gloves radiating style and warmth. Explore our selection of distinctive women's and functional men's wallets. Color your wardrobe with incredibly soft scarves of warm acrylic, insulative wool of exquisite velvet. Coordinate with quality purses, flattering belts and rugged duffel bags.

Something For everyone

Lieblang Leather is unique in the sheer variety of choices offered... From the classic bombers to washable suede's to luxurious fur and leather combinations. Truly Something for everyone! You'll find affordable styles for your teenager, striking casual fashions, bold sportcoats for business, regal furs and everything in between!

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